What our customers have to say...


"I don't know how we survive without this, thanks for making my life so much easier. You guys are the best!!!"

-Thomas C. Ried, TCR Development Solutions, Inc. (August 2005)


Finally, may I take this opportunity to congratulate AccuSoft for producing what is, without a shadow of doubt, the greatest terminal emulator for Pick and Pick-likes and for providing support for same that is second to none.

-Mike Wooding, Indepdent Computer Consultant (October, 2005)


just wanted to drop you a note thanking you for your expert advice. your quick response and always spot on answers are appreciated more than words can say. as the commercial says:

"great support.... cool
great service... even better
pete shellenbach.... priceless!!"

thanks and have a great day

-Rich Nusse, Los Angeles Label (June 2003)


Just a small note to commend you and your company for your prompt and accurate attention to many of my concerns. I can't imagine getting the kind of direct responses to my questions from xxxxx (the usual suspects) without being lost in some form of deferred support (FAQ's) or knowledge base of 'close but no cigar' answers. I recall the salesperson at xxxxx being bothered to return my call ... Thanks again and keep up the good work.
-Mark Johnson


I want to thank you again for the support you have provided as we set up using AccuTerm.  You are doing an amazing job of helping zero in on these issues.  Not only are you accurate and relevant, you are fast!  Meanwhile, Ive been showing our management and staff the AccuTerm features that weve been putting into the conversion.  Not only are they excited, but my IT staff is also very upbeat.  Your level of support is superlative!

-Lawrence Mohr, F. W. Webb Company (July 2005)


I want you to know, that after working with the folks at xxxxx for years it is a real pleasure work with someone who is knowledgeable, helpful, responsive and polite.  Thanks for developing and supporting a great product.

-Jim Keller, AutoTech Services (August 2003)


We have several thousand green screen programs that need updating to GUI. I looked at other options and found AccuTerm to be the easiest to use, quickest to learn and also the fastest to run, not to mention the most stable. The product may have it's limitations but they are far outweighed by it's benefits.

AccuTerm is continually being improved and the fact that you can communicate directly, and unbelievably quickly, with Pete Schellenbach, is for me, the biggest benefit.

We now have 50% of our systems converted and the results are stunning. I can't recommend AccuTerm highly enough, it's a superb product for converting Pick green screen programs to GUI.

-Keith Wilson, Calidore Computer Systems Ltd. (September 2005))


I have told everyone when the topic came close about how my note to you got two new capabilities into a brand new release in less than a week!  In my 30 years in DP/IS/IT, I have never seen anything like it!  I cannot tell you how many unanswered letters I sent to Mircodata, Pick and GA!  Never before can I recall even getting any answer, let alone an enhancement! You have the greatest product and the absolute greatest service!  Keep up the GREAT work!

-Boyd Parks, Shared Business Services, Inc. (February, 2003)





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