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AccuTerm 7 Internet Edition

AccuTerm 7 Internet Edition is the fastest way to web-enable your legacy Pick, Unix or Linux applications. With AccuTerm 7 Internet Edition, your customers, clients, vendors, and off-site employees can access your GUI and character based applications simply by clicking a link in their favorite web browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome or Safari). Note: AccuTerm 7 Internet Edition requires Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Server 2003 or Windows Server 2008. AccuTerm 7 Internet Edition is not supported on Windows RT.

AccuTerm 7 Internet Edition supports all of AccuTerm’s powerful emulation and host integration features, including AccuTerm’s private programming commands, GUI, automatic font scaling, VBA scripting, and file transfer. However, the user interface elements such as menus and toolbars are not present, since the web browser provides the user interface.

AccuTerm 7 Internet Edition makes it easy to deploy your legacy applications on the web. Simply:

  1. Connect your host system to the Internet using a full-time connection such as DSL or Cable Modem. A static IP address or dynamic DNS service is useful.
  2. Install the AccuTerm 7 Internet Edition Connection Designer on a PC. Use the Connection Designer to create an AccuTerm connection (.htm) file. The connection file contains all of the settings required for the web browser on a user's PC to open an AccuTerm session and connect to your host system.
  3. Upload the connection file to your web server.
  4. Add a hyperlink to one of your web pages pointing to the AccuTerm connection file.
  5. In order for the user's web browser to open the AccuTerm session, the AccuTerm 7 Internet Client plug-in must be installed on the user's PC. A link to the plug-in is included on the AccuTerm connection page.

AccuTerm 7 Internet Edition supports Secure Shell (SSH) connections to ensure privacy and prevent unauthorized access to your host system. SSH is a terminal protocol similar to Telnet, but the entire session is encrypted using strong encryption. This encryption prevents "sniffing" of sensitive information, including user ID's and passwords.


Key Benefits (and links to sample pages)

[Bullet] Users access legacy applications using a supported web browser: (Internet Explorer, FireFox, Chrome or Safari) on their Windows PC.
[Bullet] No need to learn another program
[Bullet] Super-Accurate terminal emulations
[Bullet] Licensed on a per-server basis - no charge for client licenses
[Bullet] Digitally signed components ensure authenticity
[Bullet] SSH provides secure connections and prevents unauthorized access
Sample Web Page

This sample web page uses AccuTerm 7 Internet Edition to access a Linux running a simple "Customer Maintenance" data entry screen. The sample application is available in both character (green-screen) and GUI modes. The sample application is written in Pick/BASIC and is running on the OpenQM database.

In order to view this sample page, you must install the AccuTerm 7 Internet Client plug-in (a download link is shown on the page if the plug-in is not already installed.)

View AccuTerm 7 Internet Edition Sample Web Page using Telnet

View AccuTerm 7 Internet Edition GUI Sample Web Page using Telnet

View AccuTerm 7 Internet Edition Sample Web Page using SSH

View AccuTerm 7 Internet Edition GUI Sample Web Page using SSH


AccuTerm 7 Client Plug-in installer (download from our FTP Site)

Download AccuTerm 7 Client plug-in

Free 30 day Demo Version (download from our FTP Site)

AccuTerm 7 Internet Edition Demo Version

Upgrade to the latest release (existing AccuTerm 7 Internet Editon users only)

AccuTerm 7 Internet Edition upgrade (10.5MB)

AccuTerm 7 Internet Edition:

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