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January 30, 2007


AccuTerm is Vista ready!

A new AccuTerm 2K2 release, 5.3b, is now ready for purchase and upgrade! The new release is fully compatible with the new Windows Vista. The new release resolves several incompatibilities present in prior releases, and fixes a few bugs. The wED editor included with the new release has a few enhancements, like word wrapping and an improved search and replace function. The previous version of wED is not compatible with Windows Vista, so be sure to upgrade your copy of AccuTerm when switching to Vista if you rely on wED!


March 2, 2005


AccuTerm 2K2 Personal Edition Released


AccuTerm 2K2 Personal Edition is a free personal license for educational use. AccuTerm 2K2 Personal Edition includes all of the features of standard AccuTerm except that only connections to localhost ( are supported. This restriction means that you will need to have a local database such as QM Personal Edition or Unidata Personal Edition (or other database) installed on your PC to utilize AccuTerm Personal Edition.


March 12, 2007


The sample programs from the AccuTerm 2K2 Advanced Features session presented at International Spectrum 2007 are available for download! Thanks to all who attended the session. We hope the material was interesting and useful and look forward to seeing you again next year!


August 15, 2006 - Product Update


AccuSoft Enterprises is proud to announce the release of AccuTerm 2K2 5.3a!


New features include:

  • Improved host program installation

  • International character support

  • Enhanced visual styles

  • GUI version 1.3 simplifies GUI dialog creation

  • New wED features

  • And much more!

click here for upgrade information


February 2, 2005 - Product Update


AccuTerm 2K2 Release 5.2b Now Available

The next release of AccuTerm 2K2 is now ready for purchase, demo and upgrade. This update includes AccuTerm GUI Version 1.2, with the most requested enhancements to the AccuTerm GUI Development Environment. Release 5.2b is available for all versions of AccuTerm 2K2: Standard, Lite, Internet Edition, and the new Personal Edition.



November 18, 2004


Compatibility for AccuTerm 97, 2000, and 2K2 Internet Edition

XP SP2 articles now available!


November 15, 2004

  • Featured Article: How to Modernize Your User Interface

    By Peter Schellenbach

    Interactive Technical article describes how to use AccuTerm to modernize the user interface of most Multi-Value applications. Some modifications are relatively simple. Others are more difficult, but produce more spectacular results. If you have an application that needs an updated interface, the time to modernize is now!


November 5, 2004


AccuTerm 2K2 Internet Edition XP SP2 Compatibility!

  • AccuSoft is pleased to announce that an update for AccuTerm 2K2 Internet Edition is now available. This update provides for compatibility with Windows XP SP2. The Internet Client registration and installation process, which occurs on the web site, works with all versions of AccuTerm Internet Edition (97, 2000 and 2K2). AccuTerm 2K2 Internet Edition administrators should download the updated connection designer and update their connection html files. Information for providing SP2 compatibility for AccuTerm 97 and 2000 Internet Edition will be available soon.


April 29, 2004

AccuTerm 2K2 release 5.2a now available!

  • New release includes new Visual Styles which can give your text-based applications an instant facelift. Other improvements include support for SSH public key authentication and a new Function Key Button Bar. Click here for a preview.


February 18, 2004


Online Ordering and Electronic Delivery now available!



January 16, 2004

  • New Support pages available

  • Support Forum! Post questions and search for answers about anything AccuTerm!

  • GUI FAQs sections contain documents and answers to frequently asked questions.


December 2, 2003


New AccuTerm 2k2 Release

  • The new AccuTerm 2K2 release 5.1c is now available! If you are running any release of AccuTerm 2K2 you can download your free update here: 



AccuTerm 2K2 GUI Training Class Offerred by SoftWise

January 14 - 15, 2004 North Olmsted, Ohio

  • Two day course will show you valuable techniques in Graphical  Programming and saves you weeks of time.

  • The course  takes  the MultiValue programmer, using AccuTerm 2K2 and your knowledge of MultiValue BASIC, and gives you the knowledge and techniques to become a Windows Graphical Programmer.

  • Take the knowledge we have gained over the last two years in converting our own application with you when you finish the course to save countless hours and make you an expert.

  • We'll even show you how to run AccuTerm2K2 GUI in a Web Browser!  (AccuTerm is not needed  on the Web Client)

Click here for more information



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